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Finovate Fall 2017 “Best Of Show” Winner

Out of the many companies that demoed their products this Fall, only seven were selected as “Best Of Show” winners. Finn.ai is proud to have been one of them.


Business Benefits

A more human self-serve interface

Move the technology to the background, and interact with customers on their terms with simple, natural conversations driven by voice and text.

Be more than a bank account

Simplify customers' lives and empower them to improve their financial health with a full-featured personal finance coach.

Reduced costs and increased services

Reduce customer care costs with an AI solution that answers questions 24/7 without any human needing to pick up the phone.

Measure your success

Track the most-used changes over time, improvements in machine learning and natural language processing and more with our analytics platform.

Our Comprehensive Platform

We have a proven process for deploying our multi-channel platform to major financial institutions.

Chat Platform

Native Apps

Expert Integration Services Team

Multi Channel Deployment

Human Support Chat Integration

Content & Dialogue Manager

Data-Driven Recommendations

Domain-Specific Data Models

Core Banking Functionality

Natural Language Understanding

Financial Institution

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